Igor Molchanov

Software Engineer & Team Lead

Hello! I’m Igor, a mobile application developer specializing in Flutter. I have a keen interest in microservices architecture, programming language constructs, team building, and public speaking.

Currently based in Moscow (+3 UTC), I’m available to answer work-related queries until midnight.

I was called to military service until July 10, 2025.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and reach out for collaborations or speaking engagements.

Work Setup - Curriculum Vitae


My latest developments

  1. LXP IThub - an educational platform for learning business-oriented methodology (App Store, Google Play, App Gallery).
  2. Yandex Pro - an application for taxi drivers and couriers, where they take orders, perform trips (App Store, Google Play, RuStore).
  3. LocalHub - A social network with a smart map, event creation and opinion publishing.
  4. Other NDA-signed projects

Open Source Projects and Experiments

  1. varioqub_configs — Flutter plugin providing work with remote configs, experiments and A/B testing via Varioqub.
  2. web_template — Custom template for creating a standalone PWA using Flutter.
  3. Weight Control — An appication to control your weight (Example building an application with a properly designed architecture).
  4. Other stuff



  1. Github
  2. Telegram
  3. Personal Telegram channel
  4. Pub